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New Information Regarding COVID 19 Testing and Medicare Billing

Expert, Mary Stoner of Electronic Billing Services explains why you need to make sure your Medicare enrollment is up to date and why you should enroll if you haven’t already. Enrollment in Medicare Part B is not only important for billing COVID-19 tests, but also future vaccines, other point of care tests and more.

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2020 Online Expo & CE

Thank you so much for attending the Online 2020 Expo & CE. Information on accreditation will be sent to attendees soon. Keep an eye on your email for more information. We would also like to thank our exhibitors and sponsors for making this event possible. A special thank you to our amazing speakers and presenters. 

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By: David Benoit

We all know that SARS –CoV-2 is the greatest threat to seniors who can no longer take care of
themselves and living in close quarters. While the average nursing home length of stay before….

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NPSC started out as a buying group. It has however become much, much more. Whenever we have a problem with our wholesaler, Northeast solves it. Whenever we have a question with regard to a third party, Northeast answers it. When my business needs guidance, NPSC helps to point us in the right direction. We don’t know what we would do without them!

P.S. Their annual Expo is not to be missed!

Sincerely, Louis and Stella Andriotakis The Daniel Lynch Pharmacy Newburyport, MA

I have nothing but praise for Northeast Pharmacy and the entire team – for all they do for us and our profession.


Tracie Ezzio Pepperell Family Pharmacy

Just a note of thanks to Karen and all my friends at Northeast. Although my recent Medicaid audit was very taxing, it was my network of pharmacist friends who helped make it flow better. Thanks for hooking me up with fellow NPSC pharmacists who all had plenty of helpful hints to help me prepare for this audit. I cannot believe that an independent pharmacist today could exist without a service like Northeast. Once again, please express my thanks to everyone at Northeast and to the helpful pharmacists who assisted me.

Danny Lupe Lupe’s Pharmacy Bridgeport, CT