Expo 2018

CE Goals and Objectives

The program is an opportunity for both pharmacists and technicians.

DEA Update: Controlled Substances Regulations and Drugs of Abuse

Claire M. Brennan, Diversion Program Manager, DEA, New England Field

UAN: 0009‐9999‐18‐026‐L03‐P (pharmacists) Knowledge‐Based .2 CEUs

Discuss recordkeeping responsibilities and what to expect when DEA does a pharmacy audit
Discuss a pharmacist’s corresponding responsibility and recognizing potential “red flags”
Recognize common drugs of abuse and methods of diversion
Discuss nationwide prescription drug take back initiative and disposal options

UAN: 0009‐9999‐18‐026‐L03‐T (technicians) Knowledge‐Based .2 CEUs

Discuss recordkeeping responsibilities and what to expect when DEA does a pharmacy audit
Recognize common drugs of abuse and methods of diversion
Discuss nationwide prescription drug take back initiative and disposal options

Intro to OSHA: Safety Fundamentals for Today’s Professional

John F. Able, CSP, CONN‐OSHA, CT Dept. of Labor

UAN: 0009‐9999‐18‐027‐L03‐P (pharmacists) Knowledge‐Based .2 CEUs
UAN: 0009‐9999‐18‐027‐L03‐T (technicians) Knowledge‐Based .2 CEUs

Describe OSHA regulations applicable to a pharmacy environment
Describe the OSHA Consultation Program
Describe and define Workplace safety basics
Recognize a “Serious” Hazard
List steps to create an Action Plan to improve your
Safety & Health Culture

Clinical Billing: Let’s Get Paid!

Angela Jenkins, Sr., Reimbursement Specialist, Creative Pharmacist

UAN: 0009‐9999‐18‐028‐L04‐P (pharmacists) Knowledge‐Based .15 CEUs
UAN: 0009‐9999‐18‐028‐L04‐T (technicians) Knowledge‐Based .15 CEUs

Compare clinical and pharmacy billing
List the steps involved in credentialing and contracting
Describe the requirements of pharmacy claims
Discuss claims rejection processing and appeals

Overview of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island  Medication Therapy Management Program and OutcomesMTM
Documentation System

Kenny Correia, PharmD, BCACP, CDOE, Board Ambulatory Care
Pharmacist, Anchor Medical Associates

UAN: 0009‐9999‐18‐029‐L04‐P (pharmacists) Knowledge‐Based .2 CEUs
UAN: 0009‐9999‐18‐029‐L04‐T (technicians) Knowledge‐Based .2 CEUs

Describe the CMS 5 star program and impact on pharmacy
Recognize types of interventions that can be documented/billed within the OutcomesMTM system
List documentation of interventions and visits within Outcomes MTM documentation system
Explain the application of data standards to a mock CMR patient case

Identifying and Managing Nutrient Depletion

Dennis Song, RPh, CHC

UAN: 0107‐9999‐18‐039‐L01‐P (pharmacists) Knowledge‐Based .15 CEUs

Explore the clinical significance of nutrient depletion
Identify disease states where first line medications may cause nutrient and vitamin depletion
Discuss clinical practice guidelines that suggest nutrient replacements
Create a patient‐centered care plan that includes the use of over‐the‐counter supplements

UAN: 0107‐9999‐18‐039‐L01‐T (technicians) Knowledge‐Based .15 CEUs

Discuss how nutrient depletion is impacted by common prescription medications
Define how the community pharmacy identifies patients at risk for nutrient replacement
Review disease states that may cause nutrient and vitamin depletion

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